Sunday, October 14, 2012

Have sweet dreams with Dream Water!

In my Bride-to-Be VoxBox from Influenster I received a little bottle called Dream Water. I wasn't sure if it would even work as I tend to be skeptical of things that are natural sleep aids, since I've tried so many. I take medication to help me sleep at night but I talked to my doctor about trying it and we agreed it wouldn't hurt to try.

Dream Water is all natural and zero calorie! You just drink the little bottle and fall asleep after around a half hour. Sound too good to be true? I wondered but I was excited to test it out and see if it would work.

The Dream Water itself tastes good. The flavor I got is called Snoozeberry (that's blueberry pomegranate) I wasn't so sure I'd like it because I usually hate artificial blueberry flavor even when combined with yummy pomegranate, but this didn't have that flavor I can't stand. It was delicious! It's slightly sweet but not in a sugary way.

The bottle says to drink it about thirty minutes before you want to sleep and I'd agree that's accurate. I drank it, shut off my computer, and grabbed my Kindle. Before I knew it, I was turning off the Kindle and settling in for what would be a great night's sleep!

In the morning I woke up feeling refreshed. No groggy feeling, no medicated feeling, I just felt like I had the best night's sleep ever. I would recommend anybody try this. If you currently take meds to help you sleep, talk to your doctor about giving Dream Water a shot. I'm already budgeting to buy more because it's seriously awesome. I love that I may not be dependent on medication to help me sleep anymore!

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  1. That's pretty cool, I'm always curious if those things work as well as what in them makes them work. But hey it seems way better/natural then sleep medication!

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