Thursday, June 28, 2012

A look at my skin care routine!

Skincare can be a complicated subject. Every person has different needs, and I think each person has products that work best for them. This is a review of what works best for me. I have oily skin which is acne prone and I have tremendously large pores.

This is the Olay Professional Pro X Clear kit. It's a 3 step system (cleanser, skin clearing treatment, and a moisturizing lotion) that I use daily. It's the only thing I've found that really helps control both my pimples and my pores. The lotion (step 3) is a great moisturizer too, which is important with oily skin.

I follow the Olay Pro X Clear kit with Physicians Formula Intensive Wrinkle Corrector Eye Cream. I'm only 25 and hopefully I'm not even close to having wrinkles yet, but it's certainly time to work on preventing them. My mom has amazing skin and she's always advised me to take care of it before it ages. It's much easier to prevent wrinkles and sagging skin than it is to undo it. While I'm on the subject of prevention, I neither smoke nor get sun damage. I always use sun protection and I'm lucky enough to have avoided picking up a cigarette habit.

I use two different masks. I use the Olay Pro X Clear Intensive Refining Sulfur mask twice a week. It works wonders for my oily skin. When I wash it off, my face feels hydrated and I swear it doesn't turn into an oil spill for a day or two. It can be a little drying, so if you have dry patches avoid it. I love this mask for spot treating. The Boscia Luminizing Black Mask I use once a week. It's a peel off mask and it feels amazing. My skin is radiant after I use it. I think Luminizing is a great name for it!

I use the Dickinson's Witch Hazel Pore Perfecting Toner in the middle of the day as a touch up. If I get sweaty or dirty but don't have the time or motivation to wash my face, I just swipe this toner over my face and it's an instant improvement. It helps clean sweat, dirt, and makeup, and like I said it's a great midday touch up to get your face feeling clean again.

I'm a huge fan of Biore pore strips! They are so great my fiance's started using them with me. Just stick them on for ten to fifteen minutes, peel them off, and check out what's no longer in your pores! Between the Olay system and the Biore Pore Strips, my large pores are actually looking better. There are no quick fixes, but with time I've seen so much improvement.

The final product I use is Burt's Bees Doctor Burt's Herbal Blemish Stick. This is a roller ball filled with an herbal treatment. Spot treat any blemishes and they will disappear overnight. The Burt's Bees is the only product I've found that actually does shrink zits overnight. That's great because it keeps me from picking at them.

It may be a complicated routine I have, but the results speak for themselves.

And here's a video review.

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