Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ulta Ultimate Red Color Restoring Glaze Review!

For the last few years I've been missing John Frieda's Radiant Red Glaze. I finally wandered into my local Ulta store and noticed they have an Ultimate Red haircare line. I decided to give it a shot but I honestly wasn't that optimistic since I was so in love with John Frieda's red glaze. I've been using the shampoo, conditioner, and color restoring glaze for about a week now and the results are so impressive! My hair went from this:                                                        

to this:

What I love about the Ulta redhead products is they work the first time. There's no need for it to gradually deposit and build up in your hair! It's also easy to use just like the John Frieda products, but with Ulta's you get instant results. Just leave the glaze in for five minutes, wash out, and you're done. I like to put my hair up in a bun while I'm using it so I can multitask and not waste water for that five minutes. It will stain your skin and any fabric it comes into contact with, but you can wash it off skin with soap. Overall, I'm so thrilled I found this. It's not just a substitute, it's an improvement over John Frieda Radiant Red Glaze, so if they never discontinued that, I probably wouldn't have found Ulta's. As long as Ulta keeps loving us redheads, I'll keep coming back for more!

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