Thursday, July 12, 2012

Be. Wines- Delicious and Simple

As a BzzAgent, I was invited to join the recent Be. Wines campaign! I'm an occasional wine drinker, so I don't know much about the different varieties, but Be. Wines actually makes it fun and easy to figure out what to try. BzzAgent sent me a BzzKit containing a booklet about the brand with a fun quiz to discover my mood, a high value rebate for myself, five rebates to share with friends, and fun goodies like lip gloss, a mirror, a nail file, and delicious mints!

Now, Be. has four types of wine and they each correspond to a mood. You can choose based on the mood or if you already know what you like, just pick that. The quiz was helpful since I don't know much about wine. I bought the Riesling and the Pink Moscato. I took the Riesling to our father's day dinner to share withe the family since my mom is German and loves German wine. The Pink Moscato I shared with a couple friends at a get together. As a woman who only drinks occasionally, I really loved both of them. The Riesling was a great sweet wine and went well with the fish we ate for dinner. The Pink Moscato is definitely aptly named. It was indeed a flirty drink and I wouldn't hesitate to order it (or bring it with me) for a date. One of my friends drinks wine quite frequently and is what I'd call an expert. She knows the lingo and she's picky but she loved Be. Basically, it's a wine any woman will love.

While I'm on the subject, Be. is definitely marketing toward women, but my dad and brother loved it too. I think they are just trying to make wine seem more fun for the female demographic and less boring. It's definitely got a lot of appeal to a young professional woman. The names of each variety are fun and the bottles have a nice clean design. The goodies that came in my BzzKit were really fun too and great for a young on the go woman.

In short, Be. wine was enjoyed by both occasional and frequent wine drinkers. The marketing targets the younger professional female demographic but my middle aged father and 23 year old brother enjoyed the Riesling as much as I did. Be. is worth giving a try and it's perfect for people who feel a little intimidated or overwhelmed in the wine aisle, like I always have! Sign up for BzzAgent here and check out Be.'s website here for more info!


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