Friday, August 31, 2012

Wen by Chaz Dean sweet almond mint cleansing conditioner

A few weeks ago I received a sample of Wen by Chaz Dean. I finally used it and I'm impressed. It's a bit different from typical shampoo and conditioner because it's kinda like both in one product. You massage it in then let it do its thing. It works really well and I can't believe how shiny and clean my hair looks and feels. The smell is slightly minty which is very pleasant and it's mildly tingly on the scalp, but to me that feels like it's cleansing so it's not a bad thing. I think even the color is more vibrant, especially considering I didn't use any of my Ulta red glaze! I seriously may pick up some more of this stuff on Amazon because I love the smell and the way my hair looks and feels is amazing! See the results for yourself and check out the video version of my review!

EDIT: Since I was advised about fake product on Amazon in the comment below, I will probably purchase directly from the website itself.


  1. Be careful ordering WEN from Amazon. I've heard some of the sellers are selling fake WEN using regular conditioner and adding toothpaste and putting it in a brown bottle. You can alway buy from QVC or If you do, at least you'll know you are getting the real product and not a fake.

    1. Thanks! That's great information to have and I'll be sure to update.