Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Splat Washables = fun temporary color!

I went to a concert last week and wanted to do something fun with my hair. So when I saw Splat Washables for $5.00 at Walmart, I couldn't resist giving them a shot. It's a fun product from Splat with colors like blue, red, purple, and pink that promises to wash out in one shampoo. And it worked! The color payload is fantastic. It's also not a typical temporary color gel because you can comb through it once it's dry. I was concerned that it wouldn't last through the entire concert but it really did! So sweating and time didn't wash them out prematurely. They will however wash out in one shampoo as promised, so there's no risk of being stuck with hair color you don't want.

After the concert and in dimmer lighting, this is what I had. I'm impressed and I'll definitely use Splat Washables again for more fun no commitment hair colors!

Check out my Youtube tutorial/review and let me know what you think!